North Somerset Council run Learning and Development events in Adult Safeguarding

More information and booking is via cpd on-line. You will need to set up an account.

If you are external to the council, charges will apply. There is also a cancellation fee for non-attendance.

North Somerset Council currently uses the Bournemouth University Safeguarding Adults at Risk of Harm Framework to set the levels for our Safeguarding Adults recommended learning and development pathway. You can find our learning pathway here (Link to pdf)

  • Safeguarding Adults Alerter half day course level 1
  • Safeguarding Adults Coordinators Introductory training level 2 (Social workers and council staff)
  • Safeguarding Adults Coordinators Update training half day refresher level 2 (Social workers and council staff)
  • Safeguarding Adults Care Providers Agencies level 2 (multi-agency)
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Modern Slavery
  • Safeguarding Adults Learning and Development Forum for Providers (for those responsible for learning and development in their organisations)
  • Mental Capacity Act Making Everyday Decisions level 1. Half day awareness raising.
  • Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberties in Practice level 2. 

Provider Event

In November the Safeguarding Adults Board delivered a Provider Event on the subject "Sharing Good Practice in Safeguarding Adults".  Presentations from the event are available to download:



Multi-agency audits

The North Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board's Quality and Performance sub-group carry out multi-agency audits.  A summary of the key findings, learning points and recommendations from these audits are available below:

Learning and Development run by partner organisations

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