Introduction from the Chair of the North Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the annual report of the North Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board [NSSAB]. This report covers the period between April 2018 and March 2019. 

Link to the report: NSSAB 2018-2019 Report

This report, which reflects the activity of the Board and its sub-groups against the agreed priorities, provides readers with headline information of the LSAB’s work over the past year. We chose not to change our strategic objectives from last year, so our focus has been the six principles of adult safeguarding, namely:

  • Empowerment: Promoting person-led decisions and informed consent.
  • Protection: Support and Protection for those in greatest need.
  • Prevention: It’s better to act before harm occurs.
  • Proportionality: proportionate and least restrictive/intrusive.
  • Partnership: Working together.
  • Accountability: There is a multi-agency approach for people who need safeguarding support.

As last year, rather than duplicate information which has already been reported, we invite you to make use of the Board’s website and the website of partners should you wish more detailed information.

I believe the report reflects the commitment to Safeguarding by all Board partners. Certainly, the engine house of the boards business – its sub-groups, have each had a very busy and productive year. Details of all subgroup activities including details of the meetings of the Safeguarding Adult Review [SAR] sub-group, be found within the body of this report. The SAR sub-group worked closely with the North Somerset Community Safety Partnership as part of a Domestic Homicide Review [DHR]. Again, a little more detail is provided within this report although work is ongoing and will be fully reported on in our next annual report.

During the year I have had the opportunity to attend several training courses both for my own development and to dip sample the quality of training provided by the Board to our partners. Suffice to say, I learnt a great deal and I was able to report back to the Board the value of the courses provided.

We have continued to work closely with the North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board [LSCB] and I am keen to ensure that the changes to the LSCB do not adversely affect the work of the Adults Board.

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank all subgroup members for their commitment which, without exception, is provided in addition to their individual roles within their own organisation. I would also like to thank colleagues who sit on the board for their ongoing commitment to the purpose and objectives of the board.

Tony Oliver

Independent Chair, North Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board

September 2019.

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