North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board Annual Report

North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board Annual Report 2017-2018

Introduction From Chair Of The North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board.

Welcome to this, the Annual Report of the North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board (NSSCB) for the period April 2017 to March 2018.

The purpose of this report is to provide readers with a summary of activity undertaken by the Board and its sub groups over the reporting period. This year, rather than duplicating information which has already been reported elsewhere, where relevant, we are inviting you to make greater use of the Boards’ web site and the websites of our partners to obtain more detailed information should you so wish.

Following our Ofsted inspection in June 2017, one of their recommendations was that the NSSCB should:

Ensure that the business manager is sufficiently resourced to meet the needs of the board”.

Unfortunately, two of the Board’s principle partners felt unable to increase their funding of the Board to allow this recommendation to be completed. It is partly for this reason that we have chosen to alter our reporting style.

To minimise the effect of reduced business support, the Board and its sub groups have had to develop smarter ways of working to ensure that we continue to monitor the delivery of quality safeguarding practices across North Somerset. This has only been possible to do with the ongoing professional enthusiasm and commitment of all involved in Board and sub group business without which we would not be able to deliver our strategic objectives as set out in our business plan.

Our priorities remain the same as last year:

  • Priority One              Early Intervention
  • Priority Two               Neglect
  • Priority Three            Sexual Exploitation/ Missing
  • Priority Four              Domestic Abuse

These are detailed in the Strategic Business Plan which can be found on the Board’s website.

There is a section within the appendices in relation to board attendance (Appendix A).   

Despite the financial and resource difficulties suffered by most of our partners there are some excellent and innovative examples of safeguarding practices which are reported on within the sub-groups reports.  For example, the work of the Sexual Exploitation and Missing sub group has expanded its remit to include all forms of exploitation under the auspices of “Tackling Exploitation/ Missing” sub-group.  The Young People sub-group continued to make recommendations to the Board so that we hear directly the Voice of the Child which helps inform our strategic priorities.  The excellent work of all of the sub-groups can be seen within this report.

As can be seen there are still some challenges to be overcome for regular meaningful attendance by some partners.  Accepting the difficulties that the requirement to attend numerous Boards across their areas, it is vital to ensure local children are safeguarded, that we have regular and appropriate attendance.

We have again needed to convene our Serious Case Review (SCR) sub-group on several occasions. Details can be found later in this document.

Following the publication of the “Wood” report in May 2016, the Government’s response to that report and the relevant legislation which, the Boards partners have also been busy working to consider and develop which new model of safeguarding will best suit North Somerset. Whichever model is finally decided on, we must ensure that it continues to safeguard the most vulnerable people in our communities.

I offer my sincere thanks to all who contribute to the work of North Somerset’s Board and its sub groups.                        

Tony Oliver, Independent Chair, North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board

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