There are nine sub-groups which report to the LSCB.  These are as follows:

1. Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP):

The death of every child is a tragedy, and since April 2008 there has been a legal requirement for every Local Safeguarding Children Board to review all child deaths to see whether we can learn lessons in order to improve the health, safety and well-being of children.  This process, which takes place at the Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) applies to all children and involves professionals who have been involved with a child’s care.

The purpose of the review is to:

  • Reduce the number of childhood deaths
  • Identify matters of concern affecting the safety and welfare of children
  • Identify wider public health or safety concerns arising from a particular death or from a pattern of deaths
  • Undertake a co-ordinated agency response to all unexpected deaths of children
  • Notification of a child death to the LSCB

Any agency becoming aware of:

  • a child death occurring in North Somerset
  • a death of a normally resident North Somerset child occurring elsewhere

should make a notification using the Form A – Notification of a Child Death to the CDOP: email: [email protected]; phone: 0117 342 5277.

CDOP produce an annual report which is available to download from the following page: http://Other Partner Organisations Annual Reports


The Board's other sub-groups are as follows:

2. Communications: This is a joint sub-group with the LSAB.  
3. Early Help (terms of reference below)
4. Learning and Development (terms of reference below)
5. Policy and Procedures
6. Quality Assurance (terms of reference below)
7. SE/Missing: This is a joint sub-group with the LSAB (terms of reference below)
8. SCR Panel
9. Young People