North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board Annual Report

North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board Annual Report 2018-2019

Introduction From Chair Of The North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board.

Welcome to the Annual Report of the North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board [NSSCB] for the period April 2018 to March 2019. I mentioned in last year’s report the forthcoming changes to multi-agency safeguarding arrangements. These changes, as outlined in the Children and Social Work Act 2017, mean that this will be my final report.

This report, which reflects the activity of the Board and its sub-groups against the agreed priorities, provides readers with headline information of the LSCB’s work over the past year.  As last year, rather than duplicate information which has already been reported, we invite you to make use of the Board’s website and the website of partners should you wish more detailed information.

For 2018 / 19, we chose to retain and progress our priorities from the previous year, namely: 

  • Priority One              Early Intervention
  • Priority Two               Neglect
  • Priority Three            Sexual Exploitation/ Missing
  • Priority Four              Domestic Abuse

The development of these priorities is detailed in the Strategic Business Plan which can be found on the Board’s website.

Unfortunately, the Board has been without a Board Manager throughout this reporting period. This has impacted on our ability to develop and plan. That said, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Board Co-Ordinator in ensuring that we continued to function in difficult times when, once again, it has been evident that public services have been struggling to respond to ever increasing challenges at a time of restricted budgets.

Some notable achievements and commitments over the year are described within paragraph 4 of this report and / or on our website.

The action plans linked to the two Serious Case Reviews [SCR’s] undertaken in 2017 / 18 which were mentioned in last year’s report, are available on our website. I decided not to publish these SCR’s as, I felt in both cases, the children concerned were locally identifiable which would have been inappropriate. The learning from both SCR’s has been published on the Board’s website on the NSPCC SCR database as well as being embedded into front line practice across North Somerset.  

I would like to thank all the Professionals, our Lay members and the young people who have contributed to the work of the Board and its subgroups for their time, energy and commitment to Safeguarding Children which, despite many challenges, have consistently been evident during this reporting period and throughout my tenure as Independent Chair.

I am confident that North Somerset is well placed to introduce and develop the new arrangements with partners to continue to safeguard our children and young people who are the very centre of what we do. I will retain a keen interest in these arrangements. I wish you all well.                          

Tony Oliver,

Independent Chair, North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board

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